Thursday, December 13, 2007

First Find!!!

I'm in the midst of a letterboxing tsunami!!! I've been carving stamps for years but somehow managed to remain oblivious to letterboxing until a few days ago. Don't know how I managed that, but there you have it. So....I was perusing the net, checking out sites with carved stamps and kept coming across that word. Letterboxing? What's that??

I started researching it and stumbled across Mark Pepe's website. I emailed him asking how I could find letterboxes in my area and he pointed me toward Atlas Quest!! So today (the very next day) I went out and bought a log book, picked a signature stamp from my box o carvings, and set out to find one.

I attempted the 4th of July Thousand Oaks location (and my legs are very sore) but couldn't find it. I did find a man praying loudly in Spanish, another man picking up aluminum cans and a person possibly living under a tree up there..but no box!!! I was crushed. I'm sure it's there and I'm just too dumb to find it. *sigh* I looked for a really long time though. A big red-tailed hawk landed a few feet in front of me, allowing me a nice long look at him before he took off again, so something good came of it all.

Still...I REALLY wanted to find a box today. So my daughter and I set off to find the Sycamore box in Newbury Park...and we found it!!!! Hurray! The first stamp in my log book, and the first log book to be stamped by me!! Mark told me to prepare to get addicted and he was right. I'm already completely hooked.


Cyclonic said...

Congratulations on your first find.

You say you have been carving for years and never knew about letterboxing. That is amazing. I am sure you will love finding all the great stamps that are hiding in the woods out there.

Be persistent, you will have a great time.

sugarskull said...

Yup, I started carving in '94 and somehow remained unaware of letterboxing. I guess because up until recently I didn't really research carving on the net very often. When I did, it was always a visit to an eraser carving or carver's site, looking for something specific. So..yeah, somehow it passed me by until now!! I'm really happy to have found it. :)

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