Sunday, December 23, 2007

Phoebe's Cabin-third find!

Today we got ourselves up early and set out to find the Phoebe's Cabin letterbox (clues are on the website). I was excited about this one because it's in one of my favorite hiking areas. This was a fairly brutal hike - uphill, mostly switchbacks, my hamstrings were begging for mercy. What's funny is that I've been doing cycling and pilates classes twice a week..and I was still dying. So much for being in shape. You have to earn this box!!

So we finally got up there and began searching for the box...when I noticed that the paper containing the clues was no longer in my pocket!! (No worries about the box being found by someone who shouldn't - it was so windy today the paper's probably in the ocean by now) I was crushed!! How the heck would we find it NOW? Naturally, as we sat there trying to figure out where it might be, about a dozen people parked themselves nearby. The trail leading to the box continues up to a popular local mountaintop, so it's a busy one. These people had stopped to snack, and apparently to let a gaggle of young boys run around and yell. Yay.

As they were getting ready to leave, I wracked my brain trying to remember the clues. I retained enough of them for Jim and I to puzzle it out and found the box!! Hurray!! I would have been really bummed if we'd hiked all that way for nothing. Not that a hike is ever for "nothing", but this was a tiring hike and I was really looking forward to finding it. It was very rewarding and I now have the third imprint in my log.

It's been an artsy weekend. I'm working on a carving to give a friend for Christmas, I got tattooed by one of my favorite local artists (Natasha of Skellramics-check out yesterday, and today we found the box. Art-filled weekends make me happy.

Now it's time to placate my aching muscles with some vodka and V8. Cheers!!


Woolfairy said...

Congratulations! I've been hoping to get to this one, but I was fairly positive it was too tough for me, especially pushing a stroller. Now I'm sure of it! Were you the 1st finder on it? And have you logged it on LBNA yet? We found one today also, but a much easier one since I'm still recovering from viral pneumonia. But I really want to hit the Flowers of Mission Canyon one...

sugarskull said...

Oh no, I wasn't the first finder by any means! There were lots of entries in the log book. There was even mention of a geocacher having taking the stamp at some point! I did log it on LBNA. Today I can barely walk, I'm so sore. It's definitely a tough hike and not possible with a stroller. Which one did you find yesterday?

Woolfairy said...

We Found Leapin Lizards in Los Olivos as a side trip to our trip to Solvang yesterday. Pretty straightforward find and, as I mentioned, pretty much a driveby.

I wonder why there aren't any finders showing up on the list at lbna. That's what made me wonder if it had been found before.

sugarskull said...

That IS weird. When I check that box and look at my status it shows found. I wonder if that site just doesn't have a way of tracking when the box was found and by whom? I find it sort of confusing.

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