Thursday, December 27, 2007

think inside the box

I just finished carving a stamp for my first letterbox plant. I hope to put it together and hide it in the next few days, hurray!! I've decided I don't like the pink speedball speedy-cut stuff all that much. It's not bad, it carves pretty well, but it's sort of..too flexible? It doesn't give the best imprint because it's sort of rubbery when you press down on it. Oh well, lesson learned. It still came out pretty good and will be hidden somewhere in the great outdoors very soon.

Other than that, not much going on right now. I'm a dog trainer and this is a BAD month for me. No one wants to spend money on their dog right now, with the holidays and all. I'm really hoping things pick up in January. Christmas puppies?? If business doesn't pick up soon we're in trouble!

Stupid mortgage. Hmmph.

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