Friday, December 28, 2007

third and fourth find..wait, no, fourth and fifth

Today I dragged my daughter and one of my friends off to find some boxes. This was my second treck up the hill to find 4th of July Thousand Oaks. Found it this time and was mortified to discover that I'd pretty much been SITTING on it the first time I looked for it. It'd be nice if I had a sense of direction. My daughter actually found it before I got to who knows if I'd have missed it again?!
Then we went off to find Under the Old Oak Tree, which was a really pretty hike on a trailhead I didn't know existed! I've only lived in this city for, oh about 20 years so it makes sense that I'd be unaware of it. *rolling eyes at myself* What is WRONG with me? How have I managed to A.) Not have known about letterboxing although I've been carving stamps for 12 years and B.) not known about this beautiful trail...especially since I've been hiking for 20 years!!!???
It's sad. It's very very sad.


Woolfairy said...

Oh funny! I almost went after 4th of July myself yesterday, but it was just my 2yo and I in the car and it is too steep for him.

I love Under the Old Oak Tree. I was enchanted by the trail as well.

sugarskull said...

I saw your stamp at the Oak Tree box! :) You could probably manage 4th of July with a stroller, if you're determined enough! It's funny - the first time I tried to find it, I had no idea there was that road going up there. I came up the really steep side of the hill and just about killed myself. Hehehehe!

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