Wednesday, January 16, 2008

empty boxes

I haven't written in a while! I got so caught up in the recent burst of carving that I almost forgot I had a blog.
Last weekend we went to Moorpark and searched for two letterboxes - Tiger's Trail of Tears and Miller Park Sunset, both located in the same park. The story behind the Tiger's Trail box is sad -someone was keeping a tiger as a pet a couple years ago and it escaped. It was spotted in Miller Park, near houses and a school. Since animal control didn't know where it came from and whether or not it was tame, the unfortunate decision was made to kill it. It's a shame, and if the owners had come forward sooner, perhaps it could have just been sedated and captured, rather than killed.
We found the box but alas, the stamp was missing. We still stamped in and placed the log book in a plastic bag, since it was in the container naked, and the container wasn't well sealed. We then found the Sunset box...which was open and filled with nothing but rain water! We were quite disappointed. On the way back down the trail we spotted some soggy papers in the brush and realized we had found the remnants of the log book! We pieced it together as much as we could, stamped in, and placed it in a baggie and back in the box. *sigh* A somewhat disappointing search, but a nice hike all the same.
The destroyed boxes got us worrying about our own box, since we had a big rainstorm recently. So we headed back to Newbury Park and hiked up to its location. We found it in its hiding place, safe and dry. So far only two people have found it, I hope it gets more traffic soon!
Meanwhile I'm stressed out because the dog training business is very slow right now and I'm extremely worried about income.
I'm taking an 8-week "intuitive" class on Tuesdays, it's been really interesting. The class inspired my most recent carving - a woman meditating, so I gave the teacher an imprint of the stamp so she could see it. Everyone in the class loved it, I got many compliments, which was nice. Several people would like the image on a t-shirt, so I'm thinking about getting a screen printer. It's something that's crossed my mind before. Hmmm...second business venture?
Alrighty, over and out for now.


Woolfairy said...

When we found Tiger's Trail of tear in November, we emailed the owner about the missing stamp problem, but received no response. We never even found the other box (due to the hilltop being used by a group at the time) Was there a stamp after ours, because we most definately sealed it back up as well as possible and piled it under the rocks. (although I don't think there was a baggie then.)

sugarskull said...

I can't remember if there was anything in the logbook after yours. I remember seeing Jokenr's, but can't remember in which order. There might have been some others - lots of notes regarding the lack of stamp. I emailed her and got a response. She's probably going to retire those boxes. What a bummer.

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