Wednesday, January 2, 2008

happy 2nd day of the year!

I must be coming down with something, there's no other reason for me to be this tired. Yesterday was what I consider a perfect New Year's Day. I spent it parked on the couch drinking champagne, watching the Twilight Zone marathon and carving a stamp. Jim (my husband) worked on a painting. It was pure bliss.

It took me the entire day (and most of the evening) to finish the stamp. I don't know about anyone else out there, but I have a tendency to set myself up for torture sometimes. I'll be sitting there working on a drawing and realize as I'm drawing it that some of the details are going to be really hard to carve..but I continue anyway. Then I curse myself as I'm carving it, wondering why I didn't make it simpler. Yesterday was no exception. I did a really detailed drawing...then to make it more of a pain the arse, surrounded the drawing with a couple lines of lyric from a favorite song. There's nothing more fun than carving small letters, wheeeee!!!
Thank heavens for PZ Kut and Testor knives. The PZ Kut stuff is the perfect consistency for detail - not buttery enough to make it easy to overcut, but not so hard that you wind up pushing the blade too firmly and stabbing into something important. It's definitely one of my favorite materials.
I'll probably go plant that stamp tomorrow...although after all the hard work, I'm a little reluctant to risk losing it. Oh well...once again, what else am I going to do with it? I love to carve stamps but don't tend to create a lot of stamp art, it's weird. Maybe I should get involved in an LTC ring.
Ugh, why am I so tired????
Anyway, Happy New Year.

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