Tuesday, January 8, 2008

pandora's box

I'm so grateful that I stumbled across letterboxing. I've been carving like crazy lately. After years of pretty much nothing, now I'm back to either carving or thinking about it every day! It's so good to be back in that place. I've even joined a yahoo carving group and the carving consortium and signed up to contribute a page to a swapzine (woo, run on sentence!!). I'm working to push myself beyond the skill level I've dwelled in for so long. I think I'm a fairly decent carver, but it's really inspiring to see the work of others and realize how much better I could be.

Right now I'm carving the first of three stamps that I want to plant as a letterbox series. I've used PZ Kut for a long time, but this is my first try at the orange stuff. I like it, it really holds a line well.

And yeah....I can sense the boredom I'm inflicting upon whoever might be reading this. I have another blog (diaryland) that I've kept for about 7 years, and that's where I write about the rest of my life. I'm sort of keeping this blog just as a way to track my letterboxing experiences as well as other creative endeavors. Hopefully it'll keep me moving in artistic directions.

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