Wednesday, March 19, 2008

painting for fun and profit...not

Today marked day one of my first paid painting job!! Not as fun as it sounds, though. This woman has a set of hand-painted wooden patio furniture; a little table, a bench and two adirondack chairs. It's all been outside for 8 years and is peeling and faded. All of it is painted with little country scenes - benches, trees, arbors, butterflies, flowers. I'm pretty much sanding it down til there's just a faded ghost of the artwork..and then painting it all back in. It is taking FOREVER. I'm charging her $100.00 plus materials, and I totally undersold myself. I've never been paid for anything like this, so I had no idea what to charge. I just threw that amount out there and she took it. It's going to take me DAYS to finish. It took all day just to do a small end table. UGH!!!! Oh, I'm also painting a small box that contains her dead dog's ashes (I met this woman because I'm training the dog she just adopted). The box is easy, she just wants it painted white in a sort of shabby-chic style.

So, not only did I spend the day contorted in weird positions whilst sanding and painting the surfaces of the table - I also worked with her dog (96 pound rotty who looks more like a pony than a dog) a little bit. We're working on having him walk to heel at her side. He's doing well, but when he decides to feel it. I weigh about 120, so I don't have much on him. And he's a LOT stronger than me. Top this all off with the fact that I just started back at the gym yesterday. A brutal 45 minute cycling class, then an hour (also brutal) of mat pilates. Um.........OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need someone to simultaneously massage me and pump me full of ibuprofin. Even my toes hurt. My TOES. Pilates; it really works every muscle in your body, I tell ya.

I doubt I'm going to coax a massage out of anyone tonight, but I'm off to pound some Advil right now.

Monday, March 17, 2008

painting myself into a corner?

Well, I've managed to land myself a professional painting gig! Nothing exciting or even creative, really, but it's something. I was actually talking on the phone with a woman who wanted to book a dog training session with me. As we talked, she mentioned that she recently had to put down her 11 year-old rottweiler, and has her ashes in a box. The box is just pine, but she wanted her daughter-in-law to paint it white, in a sort of shabby chic style. Her daughter-in-law doesn't want to touch it for fear of ruining it somehow, so I mentioned that I could probably do it for her. Then she asked if I can paint really detailed things, and I said yes. Anyway, long story short, when I was there yesterday she showed me some hand-painted patio furniture she has. It's begining to fade and peel in spots, so she asked if I thought I could touch it up. I said yes, so it looks I'll be over there on Wednesday working on it. Hmm....I paint a lot. On CANVAS. Not a lot (ever) on furniture. It doesn't look like it'll be that difficult, though. We shall see....

In other news, I have to drive out to the Valley today to have a tattoo touched up. One of my favorite local artists, Natasha of Skellramics, does tattooing in addition to her awesome ceramic creations. I had her do one for me a few months ago, and the color needs touching up. So..this'll be an adventure. I always get lost in the Valley, I hate driving there. At least I have a navigation system in my car there's that. I'll be spending time with an artist I like, and hopefully seeing her studio, so it'll be cool.

And there ya have it. Another day in my fascinatiing life.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

bus, stop!!

Today while driving my daughter to school, I found myself stopped at a red light behind a white van. Printed in bold black letters across the back of it was YOUTH BUS. I chased it as fast I could, but just couldn't catch up. *sigh*

Okay, I didn't really chase it, but the rest of that story happened. It gave me the giggles for some reason. I'm sitting there in tie-dyed sweatpants and a hoodie, no shoes on, no makeup on, slouched in the driver's seat. My lovely thirteen-year-old daughter is in the back seat, harrumphing about something (who knows what? when they're 13 you have to tune most of it out..) and there's the YOUTH BUS. There's probably message in there somewhere...

I think I need some caffeine.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

it's a virtue

So for once in life, patience has paid off for me. I just dug in and waited, waited, waited...and it happened. The time changed last weekend and now the clock in my car is accurate! I knew if I waited long enough, I wouldn't have to go through the agony of figuring out how to reset it. See? Patience.
I am a saint.

Friday, March 7, 2008

please hold the sauce

Dear Del Taco employee,
I really appreciate your concern regarding my desire for hot sauce, or rather, my lack of desire. I know I'm most likely the only person in California who doesn't enjoy some form of sauce on my taco (hmm..that sounded dirty.sorry.)and this probably threw you off. It was nice of you to ask me three separate times whether or not I wanted some. The fact that your manager even chimed in to double-check deepens my admiration of your dedication to the fair distribution of hot sauce to all. What REALLY would have been helpful, though, is a spoon for my bean and cheese cup. That stuff's really hard to eat with your fingers. While driving.
Much love,

*sigh* Long day. Had a training session with a pitt bull who's in trouble with the law! Apparently she got loose and charged toward a woman walking her dog. No confrontation occured, she just barked menacingly at them. Animal control was called and the woman wants the dog put down. For barking. She stated the dog did not attack her or her dog, it just upset them. Therefore, in her opinion, the dog should be killed. Would any of this have happened at all if the offending dog was a poodle? Take a guess. The dog responded beautifully to the training and I'm going to write up an assesment for the owner to bring to the hearing. I doubt the dog will be put down, but the whole thing annoys me. So many people have this knee-jerk reaction to pitt bulls. Anyway, I think it'll be okay, but ugh. I'm tired.

I should go paint something.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

tourEtsy syndrome

I'm hooked. A friend turned me on to Etsy, I set up a little shop...and now I can't stop checking the site. It's like a tic. Every few minutes I'm compelled to see if my work got any views. Or if anything sold. It's sad. I need help.

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