Wednesday, March 12, 2008

bus, stop!!

Today while driving my daughter to school, I found myself stopped at a red light behind a white van. Printed in bold black letters across the back of it was YOUTH BUS. I chased it as fast I could, but just couldn't catch up. *sigh*

Okay, I didn't really chase it, but the rest of that story happened. It gave me the giggles for some reason. I'm sitting there in tie-dyed sweatpants and a hoodie, no shoes on, no makeup on, slouched in the driver's seat. My lovely thirteen-year-old daughter is in the back seat, harrumphing about something (who knows what? when they're 13 you have to tune most of it out..) and there's the YOUTH BUS. There's probably message in there somewhere...

I think I need some caffeine.


Ivy said...

Not being able to keep up with the 'Youth Bus'...I can relate oh too well:)

sugarskull said...

It's frightening how fast that thing drives by, isn't it?

LaMar said...

You got me!! LOL! I really was looking for the wow adventure or deep felt message here but I get it...Its just thought...

I think we all get like that sometimes


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