Monday, March 17, 2008

painting myself into a corner?

Well, I've managed to land myself a professional painting gig! Nothing exciting or even creative, really, but it's something. I was actually talking on the phone with a woman who wanted to book a dog training session with me. As we talked, she mentioned that she recently had to put down her 11 year-old rottweiler, and has her ashes in a box. The box is just pine, but she wanted her daughter-in-law to paint it white, in a sort of shabby chic style. Her daughter-in-law doesn't want to touch it for fear of ruining it somehow, so I mentioned that I could probably do it for her. Then she asked if I can paint really detailed things, and I said yes. Anyway, long story short, when I was there yesterday she showed me some hand-painted patio furniture she has. It's begining to fade and peel in spots, so she asked if I thought I could touch it up. I said yes, so it looks I'll be over there on Wednesday working on it. Hmm....I paint a lot. On CANVAS. Not a lot (ever) on furniture. It doesn't look like it'll be that difficult, though. We shall see....

In other news, I have to drive out to the Valley today to have a tattoo touched up. One of my favorite local artists, Natasha of Skellramics, does tattooing in addition to her awesome ceramic creations. I had her do one for me a few months ago, and the color needs touching up. So..this'll be an adventure. I always get lost in the Valley, I hate driving there. At least I have a navigation system in my car there's that. I'll be spending time with an artist I like, and hopefully seeing her studio, so it'll be cool.

And there ya have it. Another day in my fascinatiing life.

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