Friday, March 7, 2008

please hold the sauce

Dear Del Taco employee,
I really appreciate your concern regarding my desire for hot sauce, or rather, my lack of desire. I know I'm most likely the only person in California who doesn't enjoy some form of sauce on my taco (hmm..that sounded dirty.sorry.)and this probably threw you off. It was nice of you to ask me three separate times whether or not I wanted some. The fact that your manager even chimed in to double-check deepens my admiration of your dedication to the fair distribution of hot sauce to all. What REALLY would have been helpful, though, is a spoon for my bean and cheese cup. That stuff's really hard to eat with your fingers. While driving.
Much love,

*sigh* Long day. Had a training session with a pitt bull who's in trouble with the law! Apparently she got loose and charged toward a woman walking her dog. No confrontation occured, she just barked menacingly at them. Animal control was called and the woman wants the dog put down. For barking. She stated the dog did not attack her or her dog, it just upset them. Therefore, in her opinion, the dog should be killed. Would any of this have happened at all if the offending dog was a poodle? Take a guess. The dog responded beautifully to the training and I'm going to write up an assesment for the owner to bring to the hearing. I doubt the dog will be put down, but the whole thing annoys me. So many people have this knee-jerk reaction to pitt bulls. Anyway, I think it'll be okay, but ugh. I'm tired.

I should go paint something.

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