Monday, July 21, 2008

as though the universe knows...

Yes, I managed to book four lessons in one weekend! Lately, I'm lucky to book four lessons a month. And so, because I'm on the verge of possibly being able to pay myself this month, one of my dogs decided to start peeing blood. Thanks, Molly. I wonder if the vet bill will be the exact amount of money I just made, or slightly more? *sigh*

I keep trying to avoid that negative mode of thinking, but it's hard sometimes. I really need to get ahead, and right now I'm just struggling to not get even FURTHER behind. Nevermind getting ahead, just catching UP would be nice. I hope I book some more lessons before the month is out.

Today I have revisits in the afternoon. Revisits are...well, they usually suck. See, the way my dog training works is that you pay a flat fee, which covers as many training sessions as the situation dictates. More often than not, things improve so much during the first session, and the dog owners practice what I've taught them, that a revisit isn't even required. And then sometimes maybe a follow-up or two is needed, and that's all well and good. When the revisit is with an owner who is truly doing the work, and just needs more help or wants to further the training, I love it. But then there are the owners who simply don't practice AT ALL, and then call me back over and over to show them the same exact thing, continue to not practice, and then become hostile because their dog is still misbehaving. Some people feel that because they've paid me, I should be at their beck and call and do all the work for them. So today I get to go see two of those people, who will hem and haw and look at me accusingly as though I should be able to magically train their dog without expecting them to do any of the work. And I will go home feeling like a failure even though I know I'm not the reason the training isn't working. There is NO dog training technique that will work without the owner actually PRACTICING said technique regularly with their dog. *sigh*

So, yeah...a sick dog requiring a potentially expensive trip to the vet this morning, then an eye exam followed immediately by annoying revisits (that I'll be doing with dilated pupils, woohoo!). Should be a fun day.

WOW....isn't it rewarding to read my blog?? Wasn't that uplifting and entertaining?? Sorry. I swear I'm not always like this.


wee scream vintage said...

guess what, my cat of 8 1/2 years has asthma. he wont take the pills so i have to pay almost $100 a month for his shots. its sad and sorry about that with your dog. hope he/she gets better.

Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

Sorry to hear about your pet woes :/ On a lighter note, I love your stamps! :)

sugarskull said...

Wee Scream, sorry about your kitty. I give Molly (of the bladder infection fame) shots for arthritis, it's SO much cheaper to do it myself. Is that an option for you?

And Grizzly, thanks very much, I love your shop!

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