Sunday, July 27, 2008

fish burps, fish burps...

Hmmm. So, I'm having Lasik done this Friday, and I've been given some instructions for preparation for the proceedure. One, I have to use eyedrops as often as possible throughout the day to keep my eyes moist. Two, I have to stop wearing contacts starting tomorrow (bleh, I get to look like a nerd til Friday), Three, I have to start using an antibiotic eyedrop the day before the surgery..and last, but not least, I have to take fish oil capsules every day. Something having to do with eye moisture again. When I went to buy the stuff last week I was dazzled by the sheer number of different brands of fish oil capsules are out there. I finally settled on one by NatureMade because the bottle boasted "no more annoying fish burps". I am so glad I saw that bottle because I had no idea that the other brands had this potential side effect. None of them warn you about it except the one that purports to not cause it. Imagine that little elevator moment - you're riding along, studiously ignoring the other passenger, and you have one of those little silent, normally unobtrusive burps. Only THIS time, the air around you suddenly inexplicably reeks of fish. The passenger glances at you. You glance at the passenger. You truly have no idea you're the cause of this mysterious development, because THE BOTTLE DID NOT WARN YOU!!!
So I am one of the lucky ones.

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