Tuesday, July 29, 2008

sea glass

So my husband, daughter and I were at the beach in Carpinteria last Friday. She and I went walking, in search of cool rocks for the tumbler. It was high tide and we didn't find any rocks, but we DID find a really unique piece of sea glass. As we walked along she noticed what looked like a marble partially buried in the sand. As I reached to scoop it up, however, it became rapidly obvious that it wasn't a marble. Not at all. It was a glass marijuana pipe!! Complete with a very fragrant coat of resin in the bowl. I told her what it was and she rapidly pulled her hand away from it as if it would burn her. It was a really nice blown-glass pipe, probably expensive and I bet someone is really pissed that they lost it. I kept it because it's too pretty to throw away, heheh.

I have about nine stamps to carve for various orders!!! I never, ever thought I'd reach a point where I'm thinking "Oh man, I HAVE to carve these things today!" as if it were a job. It's cool but a little overwhelming. Bring it on!! Especially since I don't have any dog training jobs scheduled this week. I like the art projects better, but dog training pays more. Don't get me wrong, I love dog training too, but art is always going to win out over any other form of work.
Unless sitting poolside sipping cocktails ever becomes a job...

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