Saturday, July 12, 2008

urine big trouble..

Ugh! Just got home from a 4 dog training session. The owner's home was quite possibly the most disgusting home I've ever visited. The carpet was completely saturated with urine, so much so that my eyes watered the entire time I was there. And I have practically NO sense of smell - I'm always the last one to notice yucky smells, and am usually not as bothered by them as everyone else. I'm guessing a person endowed with a normal sense of smell would have been knocked flat the minute they walked in. NASTY. In addition to the Eau D'Piss, the place was just a sty. The dogs had chewed up most of the furniture and ripped most of the linoleum off the kitchen floor (and judging by the look of what was left of it, they did her a favor).
The dogs responded really well to the training, but given the fact that the owner let things get this bad before hiring a trainer, I don't hold out much hope for her consistency. Hopefully she won't become another client from hell because I'd have to wear a gas mask and hazmat suit on my next visit. OH - I forgot to mention (and this shouldn't surprise anyone) that the back yard was so covered with dog crap that I could barely do any leash work with the dogs. I was so intent on watching the ground to avoid stepping in one of the gazillion steaming, wasp-infested piles, I could barely keep my eye on the dogs. I STILL managed to step in one, though. *sigh*

On the art front, I'm working on a painting and also a prototype for a unique way of mounting little hand-carved stamps. If it comes out the way I'm hoping, it'll be a cool thing to put in my Etsy shop. I haven't seen anything like it, so we'll see.
And now it's time to light some incense to clear the remnants of pee smell from my sinuses.
Happy weekend!


Vanessa said...

Oh man! It makes me feel sorry for the dogs to live in conditions like that! I don't think dogs like walking around in thier own land mines and with how sensative thier noses are, it must be painful for them in the house!

Vanessa said...

hhmm, I had ended it off with "poor you too!" Not sure where it went to though?

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