Saturday, July 26, 2008

where are the maids when I need them?

...oh yeah, that's right, we can't afford maids. Dammit. Party tonight, so the house needs some serious cleaning. I finally finished the stamp (see image above) I was carving as a trade for the lovely banner in my Etsy shop. I feel bad that it took so long. I was waiting for mounting blocks to be shipped, and then wound up re-carving the stamp because I didn't like how it came out the first time. I don't like sending out anything I'm not happy with. I'm sort of cursing myself for putting that particular stamp in my shop now, it was hard to carve!! As I was working on it, I was thinking "How the hell did I do this the first time??". The sad thing is, I carved it about 12 years ago when I worked as an operator for the phone company. And, get this, I carved it WHILE I was working. As in, taking call after call after call (about 1700 a day), typing on a keyboard, and picking up the stamp and getting a few cuts in while each customer was talking. NOW, sitting there at the table doing nothing BUT the carving, I had a hard time with it. Oh, to be in my twenties again. Shit, I sound like an old person. But I can't be old, because I used foul language just then. Did you notice? I said "shit". If were truly old I'd have said "darn" or "fudge". Whew. As long as I still swear, I must be young.
Fuck yeah!!
Time to go do my chores.

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frips said...

your stamps are lovely!!!!

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