Thursday, August 28, 2008

maybe, just maybe

I think I juuuuuust might be getting better! I'm definitely not as fatigued today. Not coughing nearly as much. Hmmm..yep, I think it's finally happening! Just in time, because this upcoming weekend is going to be action-packed. Friday night we're going to the Toad the Wet Sprocket (my absolute favorite band - and friends of ours, long story...) show. I'm bringing my daughter, it'll be her first real concert. She's a long time Toad fan, and has seen Glen Phillips perform several times, but hasn't seen Toad live yet. She's in for a treat. Then Saturday night is a wine and cheese get-together at a friend's house. Last but not least, we have a barbecue to go to on Sunday. So yeah, I'm getting better just in time. Hopefully the weekend won't send me into a relapse!

I had four sales in my Etsy shop today, yay! After posting the umbrella stamp in my blog yesterday, I carved the goldfish pictured today. I think it's my new favorite carving. I really like it for some reason. :) Anyway, the umbrella and the fish sold, as well as a mailbox stamp and another Dewey the Corgi stamp. He's popular! He's actually a real dog, one of our three dogs, and the stamp really doesn't do him justice. It does look like him, but it's hard to convey that much cuteness in a stamp. Hehehe.

Okay, I've orders to fill, back to work!!


JL said...

Hey Kim! Maybe you can ask people to send you photos of their pets so you can make custom stamps for them. Could you work that into your dog training package, somehow? I don't know, just thinking random thoughts...

sugarskull said...

Wow, that is a REALLY good idea! Hmm....I could leave Etsy business cards in the information folders I leave with my dog training clients... :)

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