Friday, August 29, 2008

today's feature

I was featured in another Etsy artist's blog!! How cool, that's a first for me. Here's the link: click here
And in other news, I just woke up and I'm SO tired! But it's Friday, we'll be seeing Toad tonight, and all is right with the world.


JD said...

Cool, you've finally decided to move to Blogger, which will make it much easier for me to stay up to date with your blog since this is where I've resided for a couple of years. The fact that I'm just now realizing you have a blog here shows how little I get over to Dland. Poor Dland, it was good back in the day, but just not the same thing anymore.

sugarskull said...

Yeah, I think I'm starting to pull away from Dland. I want to save everything I've written there, I guess I should burn it to a disk or something, and then move on. Hi, by the way!

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