Friday, September 26, 2008

All you zombies

About to leave for a revisit with one of my dog training clients. On the way home I will be picking up a corgi puppy that another of my clients can't keep. The dog keeps attacking her chihuahuas, so she needs a new home. So what does the idiotic dog trainer with three dogs she already can't afford (that's me by the way) do? Decides to take the dog!! I couldn't help it, she's SO cute!!!! I already have two corgis, they are my absolute favorite dog here we are. I actually have a couple friends who might want to take her, but otherwise we'll be keeping her. I'm insane. The best part is that when my mom visits from Florida in a couple weeks, we'll have our (possibly) four dogs, plus two clients' dogs that I'll be boarding, and possibly one other friend's dog I agreed to watch while they went on vacation. Ahahahahahahah!!!! Definitely insane.

Carved a new stamp yesterday. It cannot be stored near brains.


Woolfairy said...

Hi there,

Gosh its been forever since I left a comment (probably since you were posting on letterboxing more) Anyway, if you would like to not have another dog, we'd certainly be interested in meeting the puppy to see if he likes us and we like him. We are dog-less out here in Ventura and my DH and 2 boys are dying for a dog, but I've not been at all interested until recently. You can email me at klra2ra at yahoo dot com or at my trailname woolfairy at atlasquest. Although I could certainly understand it if you can't part with him. My dad and step mom got a Corgi about 6 months ago and are in loooove. (and she is just a little honey)

sugarskull said...

Hi! Oh, it's great to have that option, I will definitely keep you in mind! Our friend Mark is coming over tonight, and we're trying to get him to take her - and once he sees her, I'll be surprised if he manages to resist. If he doesn't...well, we'll have to see. I really love her, but it's stupid for us to take on another one. I'll keep you posted!

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