Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Going to the Pirate Festival in Ojai this weekend! I might even dress up, if I can find something pirate-ey in my closet (you'd be surprised at what's in there!). Etsy sales are still somewhat slow, although I did have a couple last night. I'm getting a bit busier with custom orders, though. Wait..those count as sales! Guess I'm not doing TOO badly. I just get bummed when days go by and nothing in my actual shop sells. I love doing custom stamps, though.

WOW...fascinating blog entry today, eh? I just got back from the gym and narrowly missed getting in a wreck on the way home. Some idiot decided to make a left turn from the NON left turn lane, cutting me (sitting in the actual left turn lane) off. Why? Why, stupid person, why? I HATE when people do things like that. And this was one of those intersections where the left turn lane is clearly indicated, there's a left turn arrow, and it's obvious that there's only one lane. To top it off, they didn't even give the little "Oops, sorry, I blew it" wave. So of course I did the "WTF are you DOING??" shrug/hand gesture, to no avail. I had to just stop short and hope the person behind me didn't hit me. *sigh* I truly truly TRULY hate inconsiderate drivers. Grrrrrrr. And I couldn't flip them off because my car is decalled with my dog training business and name (it's a franchise, so my car has to be all decked out), so I have to be careful about how I behave on the road.
Okay...time to get in the shower.

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