Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I'm sick again. This is just baffling! I just got over bronchitis, what? A month ago, tops? Now I've got a throat infection!!! I'm back on antibiotics again and I feel awful!! This is so not like me, I just don't usually get sick. To have it happen again this soon, and bad enough to need antibiotics is really weird. And annoying.

Sick or not, I had to work today and the job was in Ojai. That's close to an hour away from here, so I wasn't thrilled. Luckily it was an easy training session - small dogs, very nice owner. Now I'm home filling some Etsy orders. Sales have picked up a bit over the past few days - most of them have been custom requests, which is really fun! The picture I posted today is a custom request for a Frida Kahlo sugar skull and a sacred heart. The sacred heart is actually my "sacred eyeball" stamp, minus the eyeball.

Eh, I can't come up with anything interesting to say. I'm sweaty and feverish, and need to continue carving. I was just taking a little break here. Back to the carving board...

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