Thursday, September 11, 2008

is this thing on?

Sometimes I wonder if I'm just blogging into thin air. I've kept a more personal blog on a different site for many years now, and have regular readers. That site allows me to check my stats and see how many people read. I haven't figured out how to install some sort of stat counter on this blog, so I have no idea if anyone's out there. If you are, feel free to say hello! :)

I carved a new stamp yesterday - trying to gear up for Autumn and Halloween. I plan to make a few more Halloween stamps within the next couple days. I've been busy with dog training lately, but my Etsy sales have dropped dramatically. It's weird, even the views have dropped. There never seems to be any rhyme or reason to it. Maybe it will all make sense when I've been there a bit longer. I did make one sale today, but the buyer didn't pay.

Alrighty, time to go get some lunch.


earth and sun folk said...

hello....i'm reading :)
love the new stamp! hope your sales pick up....and your "buyer" pays.

Little Lovables said...

oh, your stamps are great! I especially love your umbrella one :)

sugarskull said...

Oh yay! There ARE some readers out there! Thanks, earth and sun, and little lovables. :)

alyssa said...

Hi :)
You can install Google Analytics to see how many people read your blog and where they are coming from ;)

sugarskull said...

Thanks, Alyssa. I think I tried that and failed. I am computer illiterate. :( I'll have to try again.

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