Friday, September 19, 2008

that's just swell

Today is fixin' to be a comedy of bad timing. And yes, I said fixin'. Which means some small part of me is an eighty year old woman who lives deep in the Appalachians.
My sis-in-law and I are starting a permanent cosmetics business - and she's in training right now. Today I get to be her "model" for permanent lip color. Which means I'm letting someone with zero experience tattoo my lips. (Don't worry, I'm doing hers next!) I've had it done before, years ago, and it was a fiasco. That was mostly my fault, though. I was told by the woman who was going to do it that if I've ever had chicken pox, I carry the herpes virus. What that means is that even if I don't get cold sores (which I never had before), the procedure could bring them on. She told me to take a supplement called L-lysene for two weeks before the appointment. I ignored this, believing that because I've never had a cold sore, this would not be a problem. I. Was. Wrong. All the cold sores I've never had in my life arrived, all at once, on my lips the day after the appointment. It was absolutely hideous. I missed three days of work. The color didn't even stay because of the trauma. I wasted a ton of money.

So...yeah, I'll be letting my sis-in-law have at me today. BUT, this time I had my doctor give me a prescription for Zovirax, which I've been taking for the past few days and will continue to take for a few days afterward. The cold sores will not be an issue this time. I will, however, still have really swollen lips for a day or two. And as soon as she's finished with me today, I have to go to a client's house and pick up her dogs - I'm boarding them over the weekend. THIS should be fun. I did warn her, so at least she won't be completely surprised when I show up looking like an overly made-up duck. *sigh*

Etsy's still slow, but I've had a few sales. I posted a new stamp today - but I'm guessing it won't do all that well. It's not really mainstream...but we'll see. Can't hurt to put it out there. :)

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french panic said...

but but but! I wouldn't call etsy a particularly mainstream place.

I love your sullen girl. However, I'm on a self-imposed ban from etsy because I've been spending waaaaay too much money.

Actually, your shop seems to have exploded lately, which is awesome. (I custom ordered a couple of stamps from of the dead...bride & groom...)

Also, I woke up with a cold sore this morning and I am VERY annoyed.

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