Friday, October 31, 2008

the scream

I live next door to the world's most obnoxious children. And I say this as the parent of a formerly obnoxious (but not nearly as much as these) child, so I know what I'm talking about! If they only did this one time, I wouldn't be complaining, but it's a near-daily event. They climb up on top of the little playhouse thing in their yard and they scream. I don't mean they yell things, loudly, or scream joyful laughter. I mean that they emit bloody-murder-someone's-being-slaughtered screams at regular intervals. Like..two second intervals. As in "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!". And they do it for a LONG time. Now, tell me, HOW IS THAT FUN??????? It's got to hurt. I sit there wishing they'll blow a vocal chord, but they apparently have chords of steel. They also seem to sense when I'm trying to take a nap, and they scream then, too.
Please make them stop.
Here's one of the stamps I carved today.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

do NOT disturb!

Know what I really hate? Lotion Lungers!!! Those demented people who work at mall kiosks and try to put lotion on you as you walk by. Okay, they don't actually run out and glob it on you, but they step into your personal space, bottle in hand, trying to entice you into trying it. And if you ignore them (which I do) they give you a look like you've just done something really rude. YOU'RE the rude one, lotion peddler!! Leave me alone!!
This day won't end. I finally got myself back to the gym today, to my cycling class. The bronchitis throughout August, and then getting sick again just a few weeks after that cleared up, kept me from the gym. Then my mom came, we had all the dogs here, I had a bunch of orders to fill...yeah. So a couple months later, I'm finally back at it. So yeah..gym this morning, which exhausted me because it's been so long since I went. Then carving, carving all afternoon. Then picking up my daughter and taking her to the mall (hence the rant about the lotion people) to find an outfit to wear to her friend's Bat Mitzvah. After wandering around the mall for way too long....she decided she'd just rather not go to it at all. SO WE WENT TO THE MALL FOR NOTHING!!! And I have a revisit with one of my dog training clients tonight at seven, so I have to go back out again. I'm soooooooooooooooooooooo tired.
Here's a little custom sugar skull I sold today.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

it's my party and I'll barf if I want to

Okay, I didn't barf, Jim did. I must be getting old because the whole party thing just annoys me lately. I spent two days cleaning the house, Jim spent two days Halloween-ing it out (which is the only reason he likes having Halloween parties anyway - he loves the creepy decorating part of it)........just to spend a few hours drinking with friends and messing the house back up again. Before we went to bed, I could tell Jim was going to get sick. He doesn't do it often at all, but I can tell when he's reached the point of no return. He gets kind of stagger-ey...just seems drunk. We're generally pretty moderate in our drinking these days - we're wine drinkers, so we usually have a glass in the evenings, and we like a cocktail here and there on the weekends, but we don't tend to really get drunk. I was mad. I have a totally irrational vomit phobia (I'm famous for this amongst those who know me well) so there was NO WAY I was going to sleep in the same room as him. I went to sleep in my daughter's room (she was at her dad's house..yes, I'm on my second marriage) with earplugs in. Good thing, because as predicted, he barfed. Dumbass.
Anyway, the party was a good one but I'm tired of parties. I love having a few friends over, maybe making dinner or having some wine and hanging out, but I think the big party era is drawing to a close. *sigh* I'm officially old.
But here's a picture of my costume!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

clean machine, part 2

*yawn* *streeettttch* Alrighty, time to clean. Some more. Oh goody.
One of our corgis, Lucy (the new one that had the aggression issues) keeps running into the back yard to bark at....THE SAME EXACT HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS SHE BARKED AT 30 SECONDS BEFORE!! We've got a whole graveyard set up back there, complete with broken-down-looking faux wrought iron fence, tombstones, and a couple of zombies attempting resurrection. Lucy keeps running out there, barking furiously, then running back inside, as though to let us know she's got it under control. She has done this approximately two million times since last night, and she can not BELIEVE she hasn't succeeded in scaring them away yet!!!! We're hoping she loses her voice by the time the party starts. (And yes, I'm aware that I'm a dog trainer and should be able to stop her, but I don't have time today!!!!)
Got to get to work now. Here's a naked picture of me. Or AM I dressed? Hard to say...

Friday, October 24, 2008

clean machine

Ugh, I've been cleaning the house all day long! The big Halloween bash is tomorrow night. The house needed a good cleaning anyway - it hasn't been cleaned since before the 7-dogs-and-my-mom days. It's taken me all day just to do the bathrooms and our bedroom. The vacuum cleaner crapped out, naturally. The belt broke and I was forced to vacuum the entire bedroom carpet with the little sofa attachment. Now I'm waiting for the carpet cleaner foam stuff to dry, and I get to vacuum it all over again! Woooo!!! I still have to clean the livingroom and kitchen tomorrow morning.

I'm excited about my costume, I'm going to be a zombie pin-up girl! Heheheh. I'll post pictures. Meanwhile, I'm posting a picture of a custom stamp I carved of a sugar skull.
I'll be back to posting regularly once we get through this weekend of insanity!

Monday, October 20, 2008

awwww, freak out!

Okay, I never thought I'd say this, but I'm freaking out because I got a bunch of sales!!!! Someone ordered 14 of my stamps all at once!!! And that's on top of other orders, including a few custom orders, that I need to catch up on!!! I've been so busy here with the dogs, my mom visiting, my daughter's birthday...auuuuggghhhh!! And yes, I'm aware that I've used far too many exclamation points in this entry, even for me.
And I'm NOT complaining, don't get me wrong. My dog training business is in BAD shape in this economy, and making any money at ALL on my artwork is something I've dreamed of all my life. I just want to be sure I can meet all of my obligations in a timely manner. Without imploding.
We saw the play Wicked for my daughter's birthday. I've never seen a "real" play/musical/show type thing before, this was my first. It was amazing!!!! (sorry, more exclamation points..there may be a shortage someplace caused by this entry)
I loved my daughter's birthday this year. Not because of Wicked, although that was wonderful, but because of how gracious and selfless she was this time. Long story. I'm very proud of her. And I can't believe my daughter is 14!! I tattooed my mom. Twice. First a tattoo on her ankle. Later, her eyeliner. Here's a picture of the ankle, in the interest of respecting her privacy (and the fact that I forgot to take a picture of her eyeliner).
Oh...and we're back down to 4 dogs!!!! YAAAAAAYYYY!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Today's Feature

I was featured today in Owlbot's blog!! Here is the link
I think she did a great job with the questions and pictures she chose, and I'm so happy she featured me. :)
On the home front, the dogs are driving me insane. I will never again have this many dogs in my house at once. UGH. My mom's in town and I feel bad that she has to deal with the chaos. We're going to the mall for some retail therapy in a little while!
The stamp pictured here today was a custom request, a pet portrait. I love doing dog portraits, because I love my dogs so much and I know how much the stamp means to the person who ordered it. It makes me happy.
Alrighty, time to get out of this dog-infested dwelling for a while.

Monday, October 13, 2008

holy smoke!

Ugh, fires abound in SoCal today. It's very windy and that means brushfires, it's a bad day. We live somewhat close to the fires - not dangerously so, but close enough to be smelling and seeing smoke everywhere.
I've been trying to get caught up on orders today - I've been carving all day long. I've had to stop every 5 minutes or so to remove various items from various dogs' mouths. Seven dogs, all doing nothing but looking for things to get into or drag through the doggy door. My two female corgis (one is the new dog-aggressive one) got into it this morning over a shirt on the bathroom floor. Ellie, my original female corgi, loves to sleep on whatever clothing has been left on the bathroom floor. She gets REALLY possesive over whatever's there. So of course she had to start snarling and snapping when Lucy (the new, aggressive one) came over to see what she had. Lucy is doing WAY better, but still won't back down when challenged, so a full blown fight broke out. I got in the middle, of course, and got bitten pretty badly on my knee. This time it was a real bite, ripped pants, blood. Niiiiiice. It wasn't intended for ME, I just got in between two snapping mouths. It sucked.
So...fires, mischievious dogs, dog fights and stamp carving.
A long day, for sure. Here's a custom stamp I carved this morning (well, by "here" I mean up there..where the image is posted).
That's all for now..

Friday, October 10, 2008

back on track..for now..

Whoops, been a while since I've had a chance to post! I don't want to get into bad habits and stop posting. We've had some family drama going on around here, though, that's made it nearly impossible to get anything but the essentials (and sometimes not even those) done. AND of course there's the new dog - who's doing great, by the way. But of course, just as we've gotten to the point where she can be trusted, muzzle-less, around our other dogs, we've taken on boarders! I'm boarding two schnauzers (again) for some clients, and then tomorrow we get our friends' beagle for the next week or so. That makes SEVEN dogs here starting tomorrow. So Lucy, the new one, has to go back to being muzzled until we're absolutely sure she's not going to attack any of the newcomers. We've been giving her muzzle breaks throughout the day, letting the schnauzers hang out in their big crate (which they're very content in, so it's not a problem) for a while so she can be freeeee! Ugh...lots of stress, though.
And my mom will be here next Wednesday! I haven't told her about the extra dogs, not even OUR new one, so she's thinking there will be three, like last year. Hehehehe. I'm not going to tell her. *snicker*
I carved a new stamp today, and posted a necklace I made using polymer clay and a hand-carved stamp, so here they are for your viewing pleasure. :)

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