Saturday, October 25, 2008

clean machine, part 2

*yawn* *streeettttch* Alrighty, time to clean. Some more. Oh goody.
One of our corgis, Lucy (the new one that had the aggression issues) keeps running into the back yard to bark at....THE SAME EXACT HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS SHE BARKED AT 30 SECONDS BEFORE!! We've got a whole graveyard set up back there, complete with broken-down-looking faux wrought iron fence, tombstones, and a couple of zombies attempting resurrection. Lucy keeps running out there, barking furiously, then running back inside, as though to let us know she's got it under control. She has done this approximately two million times since last night, and she can not BELIEVE she hasn't succeeded in scaring them away yet!!!! We're hoping she loses her voice by the time the party starts. (And yes, I'm aware that I'm a dog trainer and should be able to stop her, but I don't have time today!!!!)
Got to get to work now. Here's a naked picture of me. Or AM I dressed? Hard to say...

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