Friday, October 24, 2008

clean machine

Ugh, I've been cleaning the house all day long! The big Halloween bash is tomorrow night. The house needed a good cleaning anyway - it hasn't been cleaned since before the 7-dogs-and-my-mom days. It's taken me all day just to do the bathrooms and our bedroom. The vacuum cleaner crapped out, naturally. The belt broke and I was forced to vacuum the entire bedroom carpet with the little sofa attachment. Now I'm waiting for the carpet cleaner foam stuff to dry, and I get to vacuum it all over again! Woooo!!! I still have to clean the livingroom and kitchen tomorrow morning.

I'm excited about my costume, I'm going to be a zombie pin-up girl! Heheheh. I'll post pictures. Meanwhile, I'm posting a picture of a custom stamp I carved of a sugar skull.
I'll be back to posting regularly once we get through this weekend of insanity!

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Morgan said...

I hate the smell when the belt breaks!

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