Thursday, October 30, 2008

do NOT disturb!

Know what I really hate? Lotion Lungers!!! Those demented people who work at mall kiosks and try to put lotion on you as you walk by. Okay, they don't actually run out and glob it on you, but they step into your personal space, bottle in hand, trying to entice you into trying it. And if you ignore them (which I do) they give you a look like you've just done something really rude. YOU'RE the rude one, lotion peddler!! Leave me alone!!
This day won't end. I finally got myself back to the gym today, to my cycling class. The bronchitis throughout August, and then getting sick again just a few weeks after that cleared up, kept me from the gym. Then my mom came, we had all the dogs here, I had a bunch of orders to fill...yeah. So a couple months later, I'm finally back at it. So yeah..gym this morning, which exhausted me because it's been so long since I went. Then carving, carving all afternoon. Then picking up my daughter and taking her to the mall (hence the rant about the lotion people) to find an outfit to wear to her friend's Bat Mitzvah. After wandering around the mall for way too long....she decided she'd just rather not go to it at all. SO WE WENT TO THE MALL FOR NOTHING!!! And I have a revisit with one of my dog training clients tonight at seven, so I have to go back out again. I'm soooooooooooooooooooooo tired.
Here's a little custom sugar skull I sold today.

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