Monday, October 13, 2008

holy smoke!

Ugh, fires abound in SoCal today. It's very windy and that means brushfires, it's a bad day. We live somewhat close to the fires - not dangerously so, but close enough to be smelling and seeing smoke everywhere.
I've been trying to get caught up on orders today - I've been carving all day long. I've had to stop every 5 minutes or so to remove various items from various dogs' mouths. Seven dogs, all doing nothing but looking for things to get into or drag through the doggy door. My two female corgis (one is the new dog-aggressive one) got into it this morning over a shirt on the bathroom floor. Ellie, my original female corgi, loves to sleep on whatever clothing has been left on the bathroom floor. She gets REALLY possesive over whatever's there. So of course she had to start snarling and snapping when Lucy (the new, aggressive one) came over to see what she had. Lucy is doing WAY better, but still won't back down when challenged, so a full blown fight broke out. I got in the middle, of course, and got bitten pretty badly on my knee. This time it was a real bite, ripped pants, blood. Niiiiiice. It wasn't intended for ME, I just got in between two snapping mouths. It sucked.
So...fires, mischievious dogs, dog fights and stamp carving.
A long day, for sure. Here's a custom stamp I carved this morning (well, by "here" I mean up there..where the image is posted).
That's all for now..

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