Wednesday, November 5, 2008


My daughter's mad at me because I didn't let her waste a bunch of quarters on crap in a bubblegum machine today. Man, I used to hate it when my mom wouldn't give me change for the bubblegum machine!! Since when did I become so frugal, anyway? Speaking of change, I'm quite happy with the election results. :)
I carved another one of a kind stamp today. The three I've carved so far are still sitting in my shop, so I guess their one-of-a-kind-ness in no way trumps their apparent lack of appeal. Heheheh. I think they're cute, dammit! And how often can you get original, one of a kind pieces of art for such a low price? Hmmph.
Alrighty, I'm tired. By the way, the body part sporting the tattoo in yesterday's post is my right forearm, in case you were wondering. I realized when I looked at it today (the picture, not my actual forearm) that it's a little ambiguous and thought I should clarify. In case you thought I had really puny calves. Or a trunk.

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