Monday, November 17, 2008

off to work I go

The dog training business is picking up a bit this month, which is good - but it's cutting into my Etsy time! I've got some orders to catch up on still, and wish I could just stay home and carve all day. I'll be back this afternoon, though, and will have to work through the rest of the day on stamps once I get here.
Not much more to add today, just want to be sure the blog doesn't just just sit here feeling ignored.
I got new packaging for my stamps - I want them to arrive looking a little more like a gift instead of just a stamp in a plastic bag. Let me know what you think!


smilemonsters said...

I think the bag and the stamp are cute. :)


sugarskull said...

Thanks, Jo! :)

Casey said...

Your stamps are awesome! I think the bags will be a fun addition. Everyone likes pretty packaging!

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