Friday, November 28, 2008

post turkey haze

I've been productive today. Finished up a drawing for a friend, and the drawing generated a new stamp! A friend of mine needed a drawing for the cover of a guided meditation cd she's producing. The subject is releasing anger, so she wanted an angry girl. I did the drawing, then decided it might make a cool carving. I'm in a cranky mood today so it was the perfect project! I also created an ACEO from it, I kind of like the blurred look of it. I layered the image - first an imprint in brown distressing ink, then an imprint in blue pigment ink and this is what I got.

In other news, no dog bites this week! The fights are dwindling down, we're sure getting a lesson on reading canine body language. It's something I've been aware of all along as a trainer - but living with dog aggression 24/7 has given me a whole new perspective. We've gotten much better at reading their cues and stopping a fight before they have a chance to fully engage in it. As a result, Lucy (the perpetuator of most of the fights) seems a lot happier and more relaxed. Hopefully things will continue in this direction - preferably with no more broken skin for me!

We have also managed to convince our next-door neighbors to at least allow their dog in the garage at night. These people....I can NEVER understand why people have a dog if they don't want the dog in their house! This dog lives exclusively in the back yard. He does have a dog house and a covered patio, but dogs are pack animals and they really aren't happy being separated from the rest of the family. It's not like they go out there and spend time with him - they claim to love him, but I fail to see how ignoring him shows love. Anyway...the result is a dog who barks nonstop, day and night. Adding to the fun is that he likes to bark right outside their bedroom window..which is a few feet away from OUR bedroom window. He startles us awake (this dog has a HORRIBLE baying howl for a bark, it could wake the dead) all night long and it's been driving us insane.

We talked to them about it a few months ago to no avail. This time, we went over there and said we can't deal with the all-night barking and asked if they'd at least try letting him in the garage at night. I guess they did it, because the past two nights have been silent. I feel really bad for the dog, though. He'd be better off with a family who actually wants him around and lets him in the house. Dogs are part of the family, not yard decorations!!


kim* said...

wow you make stamps that is cool. i need to check out your shop.

Nathan said...

I love your angry girl. She looks just like Mona when she's pouting! Would you do a trade for one?

sugarskull said...

For you, Nate, absolutely! :) Whatcha got in mind?

my5cents said...

Congrats on the stamps.
Re: the neighbors dog. Isn't there some type of Code Enforcement that you could call if they start leaving the dog outside at night again? This sounds ridiculous...wonder how they can sleep with all the noise themselves.

Nathan said...

Anything comparable in the Sunshine Cupcake shop.

I've been thinking of doing a stylized Catbus stamp...

Just saying is all.

sugarskull said... a catbus stamp! Do a catbus stamp!! I'd totally trade for that!! But if you're not really planning on making one, I'll check out the shop and find something. :)

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