Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today I carved a couple of tiny stamps from leftover carving material. I always wind up with scraps that are too small to use for most of the stamps in my shop. Thus, I'm doing a serious of "scramps" - one of a kind, tiny stamps of various subject matter. Each one will be original and won't be carved again. It's kind of fun.

Over the weekend we attended the Day of the Dead celebration in Hollywood, and I met one of my favorite Etsy artists; Lisa of Terramaya. The celebration itself was horrifically crowded and it was hard for us to really enjoy. There were so many wonderful artists, and beautiful altar displays, but to attempt to see anything was an exercise in futility. SO MANY PEOPLE! Each time we stopped to look into a booth or at an altar, we were engulfed in the crowd. Neither of us really cares much for being surrounded and semi-trampled by strangers, so we didn't stay long. I HIGHLY recommend checking out Lisa's shop, though. She's a lovely person and does beautiful work!!

We also got see two more of our favorite artists, Natasha and Kelly of Skellramics. Natasha tattooed my arm last December, and it was fun to be able to show her how it looks now.
And....I better get back to carving. Oh, I voted this morning, hope everyone else did too!! :)

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