Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the sweet smell of school supplies

It's amazing how just organizing your workspace can make you more productive. Today I went to Staples and bought the following items: a full-spectrum magnifying lamp (I have this problem with not being able to carve at night because regular lights cast shadows on the carving, I usually carve in sunlight on my floor), a childish-looking (cause it's for children, but suited my needs) easel desk, a self-healing cutting mat, a small paper cutter (ha - that sounds like a weapon that gives you paper cuts!), a file folder (to hold artwork) and a clear plastic storage container. I came home, got all set up, and carved all day!

Okay, not ALL day, because a friend (more like a SAINT) stopped by and took me out for sushi! I was all productive and proud of myself. Alas - the last hour and a half of work was a waste. I carved a name stamp for someone, and it came out SO cool....and then I noticed I'd misspelled the name!!!!!!!! *slapping forehead very very hard* It's not like you can erase that and re-carve it. Ugh. It was bound to happen one of these days, right?

Meanwhile, two of the corgis managed to chase a rat and "corner" it on top of a chair out in the back yard. The poor thing was balancing along the top rail of the chair with nowhere to go, two dogs hoping fervently to eat it. Luckily, it got away. They did manage to bump it with their noses as it leapt into the air, causing to fly several feet into the nearby bushes. That was kind of funny.
Alrighty...well, here's a Christmas-ey stamp I recently posted in the shop.

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