Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Come check out my pad, baby!

I'm conducting an experiment in my Etsy shop. I've had some people mention that I should offer ink pads to go with the stamps. So, I'm giving it a shot! (And I have no idea why I felt the need to place an exclamation point at the end of that sentence, but there you have it!) I just listed them, let's see how, if at all, they affect sales. Maybe potential buyers will be more apt to purchase a stamp if the ink pad is conveniently located in the same shop? We shall see.

Meanwhile, I had a dog training job today, which was nice. I love it when the client turns out to be someone I'd have enjoyed meeting anyway. It makes it seem much less like work and the whole experience is more enjoyable. The only thing marring today's session was the fact that one of her dogs had Really. Bad. Gas.
And chose to sit under my chair the entire time we were talking.

No job is perfect.

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