Friday, December 5, 2008

living in a vacuum

Don't you hate hate HATE when all the snappy retorts you COULD have made in a given situation only occur to you later on? Take today for example. I was wheeling my vacuum cleaner all through Sears, trying to find the place to take it for repair. La la la, here I am, rolling through the clothing department, and then housewares, just me and my vacuum. Doesn't everyone bring their vacuum cleaner to the store? Of course they do. When I finally got to the appliances department, the smarmy sales guy squinted at me, cocked his head and said "Let me're looking for the vacuum cleaner department?". And I said "Nope, my vacuum cleaner just really wanted to go shopping today."

Dammit!!!! There were so many better replies! How bout "Nope, I'm just a neat freak." or "No. Why?" or...I don't know, I forgot now. All kinds of good material bubbled up in my brain while I was driving home and I wanted a do-over. Oh well.
I should be writing something about art, since this is my art blog. I didn't create anything new today, though. I filled some orders, and have more to fill, and I should be working but it's getting dark.

I do most of my stamp carving in the daytime, when there's a nice pool of sunlight on the bedroom floor. Artificial light is so hard to carve by. I finally broke down and bought a full-spectrum magnifying lamp, and that's WAY better than just regular lightbulb light, but there are still issues. You just get weird shadows and stuff, and when you're trying to do detailed work, you need to see everything really well. Otherwise oops, there goes THAT little line. Which happened to be the nose of the girl I'm carving. Which means the whole stamp is kaput and several hours of work have just slithered down the drain. Which means swearing bad swears and throwing little tantrums. It's not pretty.
Hey, I talked about art just then! Mission accomplished.


laurie in maine said...

I loved your vacuum shopping comeback - laughed out loud :)

(now I'll hit publish and see if I passed the early morning crooked word eye chart test :)

sugarskull said...

I'm glad someone found it funny, cause the Sears guy just gave me a blank stare. :I

Nathan said...

I prefer the shopping vacuum retort.

Yuh dun good.

sugarskull said...

Maybe being a Sears employee drains one of all sense of humor.

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