Monday, December 29, 2008

the Virgin birth

Alrighty, made it through Christmas! It was a rather humble one this year with things being rough financially for us. This caused us to focus a lot more on enjoying the time spent together as a family, and it was great.

Today I've been busy carving a stamp I've wanted to do for a while; The Virgin of Guadalupe. I thought it'd be kind of fun to photograph a few of the stages of stamp carving. In the first photo we have the drawing already transferred onto the carving material (and for me that entails just drawing something with a pencil, flipping the paper over, laying it on the carving material and rubbing the back of the drawing until the graphite transfers over). I've just starting carving out the details, and my magnifying glass is my best friend.

And here is something I do throughout the carving process; check to see how things are looking by going over the carved area with marker and making a test print in my sketchbook. My sketchbooks are full of odd, disembodied pieces of images.

Now we've got a somewhat inky partially-finished stamp. This always results in inky fingers and occasionally some interesting marks on my face as well. You know I've been carving if I have a blue mustache.

And here we have one last test print in the sketchbook:

And at last, the finished stamp:Ta-da!!!
And that's all for today.

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