Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Come and Get It!!

One World Organic Clothing is having a blog giveaway featuring a stamp (your choice up to $18.00, which covers almost all of them) from my shop! click here to check it out!
Ah, so, let's see. It's Tuesday, I'm working at a Toad show for charity on Friday, I've got stamps to carve, there are corgis romping on the floor all around me (one of them managed to poop on the hallway wall earlier, negating the laws of gravity, but we'll ignore that for now..), I've already gotten one sale today - life is good. This year is going to be good.
Oh, and I carved a new stamp yesterday, as you can see above.
Have a lovely day!


Jen said...

I hope the feature brings you lots of sales! Thanks for the giveaway!

sugarskull said...

Thank YOU for including me, I really appreciate it! Views have definitely jumped up since you posted. :)

Arwen said...

Wow nice image - I like it =)
xoxo Arwen

K.C. said...

I love it, beautiful, good job girl!

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