Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I know a good place for this boot

I've been meaning to update, but I've been busy this week! I worked on Saturday, Tuesday and today - dog training. Meanwhile, Etsy sales picked up again and I'm falling behind on stamp orders. I just got home from spin class and I am TIRED! So, no big update tonight, but I wanted to check in and avoid Blog Neglect.

Oh, one thing - spin class. Okay....a room filled with 30 adults cycling madly for 45 minutes gets really hot. That's a given. There are fans in each corner of the room, and even at full blast, they barely do more than keep us from passing out. They. Are. Necessary. But there's this one guy who doesn't like the fans to blow on him. Now any normal human being would simply choose a bike that's not in the direct path of one of the fans. That's pretty easy to do, in fact, if you sit in the back row the fans don't reach you at all. But this guy likes to sit in the front row, directly in front of a fan. Since he doesn't LIKE the fan, he tilts it upward so that it faces the ceiling when he first walks in. Um......Idon'tthinkso. When you are the only one in a group of 30 people working out at full tilt who doesn't want to feel the fan, you're in the minority. So I said something. And the fan was tilted back toward the masses, as it should be. It just irks me that this guy would do this to begin with!!! WTF??? If you don't like the conditions under which the class is conducted, especially when said conditions are necessary in order for people to, like, NOT DIE, then don't take the class!!! Go get yourself a stationary bike and a space heater and enjoy killing yourself in the comfort of your own home!!!! Sheesh.
Okay, time for me to start carving some stamps!

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Erin said...

*giggle* so very very true.

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