Sunday, January 18, 2009


I'm suffering from Careful What You Wish For lately! Business has picked up in the Etsy shop lately and I couldn't be happier about it. The only problem is that it takes a LONG time to carve a stamp (most of them, anyway) and I now have a LOT of stamps to carve. I find myself sitting here at the drafting pretty much all day, every day. I love carving, but I'm dying to just get caught up so I can make something new.
I find myself with nothing new to write about because I'm doing that same thing every day.
So...the only thing about today that was different is that we found three dead newborn rabbits on our front lawn. There was a mysterious blob nearby that might have been it seems it was some sort of birth-and-run. I'm kind of worried because I noticed there are poison bait traps placed at regular intervals in the wash behind our house. We have a LOT of wildlife here - birds of prey, rodents, rabbits, coyotes, and this could have an effect on everything. My dogs sometimes catch rats in our back yard. Do I have to worry about THEM being poisoned if they get a rat who's taken the bait? I called the number of the pest control company on the traps but haven't heard back from them. Hopefully once the weekend's over they'll call back. I wonder if the poison had anything to do with the weird bunny birth.
And yeah.....maybe it's better that I just write about the same thing day after day because THAT was depressing.

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