Thursday, January 22, 2009

leave me a loan

Ugh. Long day. This was a day filled with little frustrations scattered throughout, making it seem very long. First there was the gym. I take a spin (cycling, not turning myself in circles) class a few times a week and I love it. Today, however, notsomuch. First of whomever had the gas, maybe skip excercise class til it, um, passes? Thanks. And then my stupid bike, the one I always use, betrayed me by being all wobbly!! Someone must have moved it, or something, and one of the little feet it sits on was shorter than the rest. It was really annoying. All in all, spin class stunk today.
THEN, back at home, more frustration. Like most of the homeowners in the nation, we're trying to get a mortgage adjustment so that we don't end up homeless. We're using a company that deals specifically with this sort of thing and is negotiating with our lender...or is supposed to be. I've been trying since yesterday to get someone to call me back with an update and it's like trying to get blood from a turnip. Or something. I kept reaching voicemail after voicemail. Then I called the person who initially took my case and told her all the trouble I was having. "Oh my gosh! Let me talk to them, I'll call you right back!". An hour later I got tired of waiting for her and hopped in the shower. I finally got a call from someone an hour after that. He had very little information for me. Greeeeat.
Then I had a dog training session at 1:15pm. This was to a be a free of charge session for a vet technician at one my referring vet offices (I get most of my business by establishing relationships with veterinarians, who then refer people to me, so I offer them and their staff free training sessions). About two years ago we had a session scheduled, I showed up at her house..and no one was there. I sat in my car for a while waiting, and she finally called me. She was stuck at her daughter's softball game, she was totally appalled and embarassed about flaking on me. No problem. we are two years later and she finally decides to reschedule. I show up. No one is home. She calls me. Oh my! The meeting at the vet office ran late, she's on her way!!! Forty-five minutes later she shows up and I wind up giving her a really rushed, abbreviated version of a normal session, because I had to pick my daughter up from school. She was totally apologetic again, and I really believe it wasn't her fault, but ugh. Frustrating.
But hey, at least I made ZERO DOLLARS!!!
There's always a silver lining. Always.
On a more pleasant note, I carved a new stamp this morning, see it up there?
Yeah, right there, the tree. Like it?


Jemjoop said...

Happy craptastic day, apparently. I hope it got better o_0
Love the new stamp, very hopeful with great flow. It reflects your inner chair happiness.

p.s. what is letterboxing

sugarskull said...

The day got better once it turned into night. Wine and good company did the trick. :) Letterboxing; check out to discover an irresistibly fun treasure hunt that involves hand-carved stamps!

Jemjoop said...

Glad to hear it.

Cool! I shall check it out.

I left something for you on my blog if you get a chance to stop by.


sugarskull said...

Oh! How cool of you! :) I will have to devote an entry to passing it on tomorrow. I've aleady got an entry ready to go for today, but I promise I'll go back and do it because it's a great idea. :)

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