Friday, January 23, 2009

movin' on up

I've finally managed to upgrade my workspace from the floor to an actual..well, workspace. Up until a few weeks ago, I carved stamps while sitting on my bedroom floor, where the light is best. Nothing seems to beat daylight when you're carving stamps - although I did buy an excellent full spectrum magnifying light that works pretty well at night. Until then, I couldn't carve after dark, which limited my production time. One Saturday it occured to me that I've had a drafting table for, oh...probably 20 years. I bought it when I worked at Aaron Brothers, and it's moved with me everyplace I've gone since then. In this house, however, it was never set up, and sat in the garage gathering dust. "Hey," I thought, "why not actually USE it???". I'm smart like that. So we moved things around a bit, and my art corner was born!! Here are a few shots of it. Nothing grand, but it sure beats the floor.

Above, you can see the table, complete with magnifying light and beloved new chair.

Ahh, a nice clean desktop, so inviting....

My dubious co-worker. I don't know if I've mentioned him. Shhh...I think he has an eating disorder.
And that's pretty much it. If you look, you can see the super cheap Target-bought storage drawers under the table. It doubles as art supply storage and footrest. It's also a strangely powerful dog hair magnet. Made of pressboard, cardboard and cheap laminate, it generates a forcefield of static that could power a small neighborhood. My hair always stands out a bit when I'm sitting here. There's a bit more storage in the closet - mounting blocks, mailing envelopes, the ink pads I sell - but we won't look in there today.
You can imagine how messy it is, since there's obviously not even room for the skeleton.


Brighton Early said...

Looks Great!! I really need to get my space cleaned up... :\

Raven said...

Looks great! It's great to have a space of your very own to work at.

Since we've been renovating our house, the hubs and I have both taken over the dining room with our computers {he has 2 HUGE monitors even}, paints, brushes, printers, etc... Yesterday, we couldn't take it anymore and we've now decided to move it all into one of our spare bedrooms, which will now become a studio. I can't wait!

...and now we look forward to lots of new creations from you!


Flor Larios Art said...

Your new space looks great. I like your helper. This is my first time on your blog. Great stamps!

Dawn said...

oh, man! that is such an inspiration to me. i need to set up a home office... and then find a way to work from home. glad you're well, toots. xoxo, d

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