Tuesday, January 20, 2009

no pests

Welp, I heard back from the pest control company. It seems the bait stations that have been placed in the wash are to control the ground squirrel population in the area. They burrow, and in the event of a flood, if the flood channel fills, the levee walls can break down due to their tunnels. The pesticide is an anticoagulant that causes them to die of internal bleeding. According to the company, it's an extremely low concentration with very little risk of secondary intoxication (the poisoning of an animal who eats an animal who eats the poison). They said each station only holds two pounds of the bait, and that a dog would have to eat five pounds of it in order to get sick. It also has little to no toxicity to birds, so wouldn't affect a bird of prey if it caught a poisoned rodent. Rabbits can't fit into the bait stations and don't tend to go after it, so it's unlikely that the bizarre bunny miscarriage had anything to do with that.
SO...I don't need to worry too much about my dogs, the local coyotes, or the hawks and falcons that hang out back there - but I feel kind of bad for the ground squirrels and rats that will die. I see the reason, in a sense, for the need to control the population. I just wish poisoning wasn't the solution.
I'm ALMOST caught up on stamp orders for now. Sales have slowed again, but I hope they'll pick right back up.
And....that's all for now.

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