Wednesday, January 21, 2009

she got the chair

It's a big day today! My new chair arrived!!!! And....yeah, that should give you some persepective on the degree of excitement present in my life. I seriously get way too excited about getting things in the mail. In this case, though, you can probably understand my excitement to some extent. Pictured above are my old chair (metal stool torture device) and my new chair (whose generous seat size I'm grateful for). Snappy green apple color and shiny chrome aside, the thing is just WAY more comfortable. A seat that accommodates an actual butt as opposed to one and a half cheeks! Back support! Pneumatic height adjustment!!
Ironically, I got caught up on all my carving earlier today before it arrived. Hehehehe!
The best part - it was under fifty bucks with free shipping, arrived fast and only took me five minutes to assemble! I got it from bizchair and I'm impressed. I'm not affiliated with them in any way, just thought they deserved a shout-out. Thanks, bizchair! My rear end is in your debt.


Jemjoop said...

zomg I want it. Seriously awesome chair. There's like a billion chairs there, could you narrow it down pretty please :o)

sugarskull said...

Here ya go:

Brighton Early said...

wow! That's a great little chair!!
I LOVE getting packages in the mail. :D

Jemjoop said...

Thanks! Oooh they have purple too.
Hope you are loving your new chair.

sugarskull said...

Yup, they have a bunch of different colors. So cool! I'm loving my little chair. :)

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