Friday, February 20, 2009


Today was my second platelet donation. I feel better than I did the last time, so maybe my body's adjusting to it. Or maybe I knew what to expect this time..or maybe a bit of both. I think I'll be doing it regularly, even when my friend's daughter stops needing the transfusions. It's such an easy way to help other people. I'm lucky to be so healthy, I've got a high platelet count, so why not? Or maybe I'm just in it for the cookies and juice. Not really. Those are nice, though. :)
Naturally, I didn't get much work done today. Just getting to UCLA, then the procedure itself, then getting back takes a few hours. And although I'm not as wiped out as I was the first time, I'm still tired.
Think I'm going to try to carve something now, though.
Oh, I was featured in Knitberry's blog today! She did a really nice job on it, check it out if you like. Definitely check out her Etsy shop, her work is beautiful!
Okay, better try to get a little work done before the sun goes down.

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