Monday, February 16, 2009


Ugh. I'm soooo tired lately. It's the rain. And the stress over money. And the occasional forgoing of meds, on purpose or not. And family stuff. My husband's dad had a stroke over the weekend. He's okay in that it doesn't seem to have had lasting effects, but still...having a stroke isn't an indication of good health. It's scary. Watching my husband agonize over it is scary. Worrying about the day I hope never comes, where it's my husband, not his dad, having the *insert health crisis here* is scary. I don't like being a grownup.

But...on the hopeful front; the Etsy shop's still humming steadily along, our loan modification is in negotiation now (as opposed to the three previous months in which it sat in limbo), I'm donating platelets again on Friday (mental, if not physical feel-good activity) and...well, that's all for now. Oh, we got our heater fixed!! Soon I hope the stuff on the "hopefull" plate outweighs the stuff on the "oh shite" plate.
Meanwhile, here's a set of stamps I carved yesterday. :)

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