Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Ugh. I'm guilty. Blog neglect. I'm in another blah/antisocial/depressed/overwhelmed phase that doesn't warrant a blog entry. Too much of the same whining I always do, so I'll spare the general public the repetition.
I carved a really cool new stamp that I'm excited to show off - but it'll have to wait until the swap that I carved it for has been published to all its members. Seriously, though, I think it's one of my cooler designs. Do any of the artsy types that read this ever participate in swaps, or it that solely a stamp carver thing? Swaps couldn't possibly be exclusive to just stamp carvers, there's no way. Tell me about other swaps that are out there, I'd love to hear.

Are you reading this and mumbling "I have no freaking idea what she's babbling about.."? Oh you always mumble that when reading my blog? In this case, though, what I mean by a swap is this; a group of artists sign up and mail in (to the person running the swap) a number of pages (usually limited to around 21 or so) of artwork. For the swaps I participate in, the pages must contain at least one hand-carved image. The person running the swap then takes one page from each artist and binds them, creating a little booklet of artwork that is then sent back to each participant. You wind up with a bound booklet containing a bunch of really cool original artwork (or in the case of the "Swapzine" I particpate in, printed copies of the artwork). It's fun and inspiring, plus you get the satisfaction of feeling published, albeit to a very small public.

Anyway..yeah, so when that swap is distributed, I'll post a picture of that stamp. Meanwhile..the Etsy shop's keeping me fairly busy. The dog training biz is sucking, as usual. We're waiting for the outcome of our loan modification attempt. That means we're waiting to see if we get to keep our house or if our entire wold is going to fall apart. Wheeeeee! And I'm boarding two dogs, which means we have six dogs running around right now. Wheeeeeee!!! And I'm so broke I have to decide which bills are imminent and which ones can wait awhile before various privileges/utilities are taken away. Wheeeeeeeeee!!!!
And that is why I'm not writing much lately. But here's a fun, cute picture of one of my dogs.
You're welcome.


Jemjoop said...

That is a super cute dog though, thank you.
I always love to see your new stamp carvings.
Oh yes lately I think we're all choosing between imminent bills and less imminent bills. Everything being vital of course, like mortgage vs. food.
I'm participating in a Winter Basics & Baubles swap at the moment for kitchen utensils & towels but I usually swap in miniatures groups whatever the challenge is for that season. Sometimes we send it to the coordinator and sometimes we just send it to the person we're exchanging with.

sugarskull said...

That's pretty cool! I like hearing about other art "groups" out there and what they do - exchanges, things like that. It's such a cool way to connect with people, ya know?

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