Tuesday, February 24, 2009

pick your poison

I love wine. Just had to get that out there. I'm also a big fan of the cocktail - love a dirty martini or SoCo manhattan, but wine is a necessity. It goes on the grocery list; bread, milk, cereal, wine..
Does that make me an alcoholic? I don't tend to drink a lot of anything in one sitting these days. I was a binge drinker for a while in high school, but that's a whole different Oprah, and not something that's followed me into adulthood. Funny how that works - leave the dysfunctional, F-ed up family home and like magic, heavy drinking loses much of its appeal. Still, I'd be sad if my doctor told me to kick the evening glass of wine habit.
So what do you think consitutes an alcohol problem? Liking it? Incorporating it, albeit in small increments, into one's daily lifestyle? Or does there need to be some level of negative consequence/dysfunction in order for it to be a problem?
I'll let you all mull it over while I pour myself a glass.


Tina <3 said...

#1 I read your blog.
#2 Do i think you are an alcoholic? Based on the info in that post i am going to have to say def NOT. Actually it has been proven that a glass of wine a day is good for your heart. To each his own i would say, if you feel like the drinking is effecting your family, job, friends, etc then thats a decision you would have to make.
But based on your post i SERIOUSLY dont think you have a problem at all and all i can say to you is "CHEERS" girl!
<3 Tina

mimi said...

no one reads my blog either. and i drink wine every night. almost. but not because no one reads my blog. just because it's nice. come on, everyone does it!

p.s. i am miriam who ordered a stamp, can't wait to get it!

sugarskull said...

Thanks Tina, and thanks Miriam! Yeah, I'm going with the non-alcoholic story. I'm Italian, I think wine is actually a component of our blood we can't live without. Hehehe!
Miriam, hope you get your stamp soon!! :)

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