Tuesday, March 17, 2009

bunny harbinger

Judging by the sudden boom in bunny population in my back yard, I'd say Spring has arrived. There is the tinniest bunny outside my bedroom door right now, he's sooooo cute! Yes, I realize that by nature of being a bunny, he's supposed to be tiny. This bunny, though, is tiny EVEN FOR A BUNNY! As a point of reference, despite it being someone gross, note that he's sitting by some average-sized dog poop. **Note to bunny-sorry, my daughter obviously didn't do her chores.** Due to his small stature, I've named him Tinybunny. I'm really good at coming up with creative names.

A couple days ago we were also visited by a gorgeous merlin falcon. In the first shot, notice the dove that was caught in action about to land on the power line near him.
In the second shot, I caught him just as he took off.
I wish the picture hadn't blurred the way it did, but it's still a pretty cool action shot.
The presence of the falcon doesn't bode well for Tinybunny, but that's just the way nature works.
Again, sorry Tinybunny.
I posted a brand new stamp in my shop today, by the way.

I originally carved it for an eraser carving swap I'm participating in. Now that the swap is complete I decided to offer it in my shop.

And there ya have it. Happy St. Patty's Day!

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