Wednesday, March 25, 2009

hooray for Hollywood

I got nothing done yesterday, I'm so frustrated. A couple of my husband's co-workers from Missouri (his department interacts with theirs via instant message all the time) were out here on vacation. We planned to meet them in Hollywood for lunch but it turned into an all-day thing. They wound up having to change hotels, which took all day, and they didn't meet us until the evening. That meant we had to hang out in Hollywood for hours..which of course resulted in stopping for drinks at a bar or two. Or three. Long story short - the drinks caught up with me and I got nothing done most of today as well. *sigh* I'm so annoyed with myself.
Tomorrow is a platelet donation day, which is a good thing, but it's also another day in which I won't get much work done. I've got several orders I need to catch up on, auuuggghhh!!
I did managed to get one stamp of a 3-stamp custom order carved today, as you can see above!
I need a few extra days to be tacked onto this week.

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