Friday, March 13, 2009

Lucky 13

Happy Friday the Thirteenth! For some reason that's always been a lucky day for me. While I can't say anything particularly lucky happened to me today (oh wait, I did get a discount on dog food at my local pet store because I'm a trainer), nothing UNlucky happened. Plus I had a dog training job today and still had time to fill stamp orders when I got home. Yeah, finances are still pretty bad - but my two jobs are carving stamps and training dogs, and I love my little family. All in all I have to say I'm lucky.
Oh - another dog training perk for which I'll always be grateful is that sometimes vet technicians are willing to do me very kind favors. A HUGE favor was done for me by one of my favorite vet techs a couple days ago. He cleaned my two olders dogs' teeth at a very deep discount, saving me hundreds of dollars. I can't convey how much it meant to me, they needed it SO badly and I'd been putting it off and stressing over it for months because of the cost. So now they've got nice clean teeth and no longer have horrible breath, and I didn't have to go deeper into credit card debt to make it happen.
Yup, I'm feeling lucky right now.
Good night!


Delightfully Delirious said...

It's great when people do unexpected nice things... especially when saving money is involved!

James said...

Those are GREAT perks!!

sugarskull said...

Delirious, you're SO right! I seriously am still excited that the vet tech did that for me - I keep grabbing the dogs' faces and telling anyone who'll listen "Smell her breath! Seriously! It's not bad anymore!!". Helping my dogs with their health needs causes me great joy!! :)

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